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Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Get Ahead of the Curve by Mastering A.I. and Be Among the Top 1% of Companies Worldwide 
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Without Overwhelming Costs Even If You're New To A.I With No Technical Background

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An exclusive FREE Virtual Live A.I Marketing Masterclass that will change the way you view marketing. In just one morning, you'll unlock the secrets to using A.I for explosive business growth, mastering efficiency, and scaling your business rapidly with minimal staff and lower costs.

Plus, Discover The 10 Mind-Blowing A.I Tactics Every Brand Needs To Implement Immediately!

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Atena PEGLER has personally worked 

with Australia's Biggest Brands

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve:
A.I Is Advancing Quickly, And Ignoring It Puts Your Business In Jeopardy

Let Robot Atena Explain Why In This Video:

Imagine Your Business After This Masterclass: 

  • Dominating Your Market With Advanced A.I Strategies
  • Creating Compelling Content With Ease
  • Understanding Your Customers Like Never Before

This Is Not Just A Dream; It's Your New Reality.

Over a decade of marketing experience

Condensed Into Possibly The Most Influental 120 Minutes Of Your Business Life


500 Hours

Devoted into A.I

In Just

3 Hours

Get All You Need

discover the SECRETS OF A.I

For Explosive Business Growth

  • 10 proven A.I approaches to boost efficiency and build your own staff without exorbitant payroll expenses!
  • Effortless software to boost your social media profile, content, and strategy by 10x, all without extra filming or content creation!
  • The secrets to creating a profitable 6 or 7-figure business, with no employees required!
  • Secret strategies to expand your business in record time!
  • Tailor AI tools specifically for your brand's unique needs!

Exciting Surprises Await You! 
Join Us Live In A Few Days. Limited Availability. 

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Explore the Breakdown of Topics


Our step-by-step guide makes A.I easy for everyone!

  • The Game-Changing Role of A.I:
    Why NOW is the Time to Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT:
    Analyzing Data, Customer Insights, and Marketing Strategies for Sales Improvement
  • Million-Dollar Funnel Hacking:
    We leverage advanced AI to dissect and replicate the strategies behind $1M-$100M funnels, giving you the ultimate advantage in funnel hacking and scaling your success
  • Boosting Productivity and Decision-Making with A.I.
    Unleash Your Creative Potential
  • Real-World Applications:
    How ChatGPT Enhances Design, Media Buying, Operations, and Financial Processes
  • Dominating Your Market:
    Strategies to Outthink, Outmarket, and Outsell Your Competition
  • The 'Secret Prompts’' Formula:
    Ensuring Optimal ChatGPT Output for Effortless Copywriting
  • The Key to Emotional Copy:
    Preparing Your Prompts for Juicy and Persuasive Content
  • Generating Unique Ideas:
    Standing Out in Saturated Markets with A.I
  • A.I.'s Understanding of Your Ideal Customer:
    Revealing the Surprising Insights
  • Transforming Copy:
    From Mediocre to Wow in Minutes with Simple Tweaks
  • Atena’s Proven Prompts:
    Ready-Made Templates for Facebook Ads, Headlines, Bullets, and Copy Frameworks

my mission

Pioneering Simplicity & Success
In A.I Marketing For Entrepreneurs

My mission is to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for every entrepreneur overwhelmed by the business world's challenges. I am devoted to revolutionizing marketing through the power of AI, transforming it into a process that's not only simpler but profoundly rewarding, free from high costs and complexity
My purpose extends beyond mere business growth; it's about touching lives and turning entrepreneurial dreams into realities. I envision a world where entrepreneurs don't just survive but flourish, embracing a life full of freedom, purpose, and the capacity to make meaningful contributions.

meet your mentor in the transformative world of A.I and Marketing


Award-Winning A.I & Marketing Expert

Atena Pegler is a seasoned digital marketer and CEO of Risk Free Marketing. 

With an impressive track record spanning over 13 yearsAtena stands as a paragon in digital marketing and business coaching, having collaborated with industry giants like Showpo, Hello Molly, Jean Jail, and many more helping them achieving 15% to 100% year-over-year increases in traffic, conversion rates, and sales
She's also a celebrated recipient of multiple industry awards and has served as a Digital Marketing Mentor at Australia's largest startup ecosystem, Fishburners, for over five years, helping over 100 startups from various niches refine their marketing strategies.

Atena has also captivated audiences on stages across Australia, consistently delivering dynamic masterclasses focused on marketing and business growth.

Atena's philosophy and strategies are enriched by her coaching experiences with world-renowned figures like Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), JT Foxx, and Tony Robbins. These engagements have sharpened her expertise and infused her methods with a diverse mix of global perspectives and innovative techniques

But don’t Just

Take My Word For It

Check Out What Some Of My Clients - Just Like YOU Are Saying 

Endorsements From 9-Figure Entrepreneurs

"Atena has been great to work with. She's very attentive and professional. Atena and the team have really helped our website come a long way over the past year."

-Jane Lu-

Founder of Showpo
Shark on Shark Tank Australia 2023

"Atena is a breath of fresh air in the Digital Space being in it myself. We have worked with Atena before and I highly recommend her services, passionate and consistent on every piece of work."

- Mez Homayunfard - 

Co-founder of Online Marketing Gurus

"The A.I Atena showed me was mind-blowing. The way she uses ChatGPT to create custom avatars for my business was next level. A.I helped me in my design process, from researching to branding. By streamlining my process I can spend more time Face to Face with clients. 

Using A.I to create an avatar would take me days, but she showed me how to leverage it by inputting some prompts; it literally took a few seconds.

Working with Atena has been amazing and I'm looking forward to many more things. She is great in the sense that she can show you something completely out of the box and out of your comfort zone. If you are willing to take that step, she makes it achievable for you."

- Dennis -

"One of the best things about Atena is not just her passion for the subjects she deeply dives into, but also her ability to communicate clearly, making it a no-brainer. She learns and understands every single business she works with, and understand the industry.

There's so much information out there on how to build a landing page, but it's all a puzzle. Following Atena's prompts simplifies everything. It's mind-blowing how her method follows a formula, and the results you get blew me away

As a small business myself I can see how leveraging A.I specially in marketing space makes such a massive difference in utilising efficiency in the business. "

- Anna Lum -

"Atena has an incredibly strong business acumen which has been a huge asset for not only optimising conversion across digital channels but also educating staff across all levels of the company. Atena's strong project management skills have helped bridge the gap between technical and operations teams."

- Anya Stoliar-

Hello Molly

"I found Atena's work to be of a very high standard. She was very personable and easy to get on with."

- Colm MacGowan -

80/20 Digital

"Atena is a gun. She has a wealth of knowledge about technology, AI, marketing, startups and more. She is a businesswoman at core. Her energy is contagious, she is passionate for growth and has a keen interest for personal development. She would be a valuable partner for any company that wants to scale!"

-Mossy Tahari-

Rising Returns

"Atena's expertise isn't just theoretical; it's a powerful concoction of hands-on experience and a profound understanding of the industry. Picture this: she effortlessly dissected convoluted marketing concepts, serving up tailored solutions with an air of confidence that was downright contagious.
But it wasn't just about business strategies—Atena infused our discussion with an infectious enthusiasm that sparked a creative fire within me. Suddenly, my marketing approach wasn't just a puzzle to solve; it was an exhilarating journey to embark on.
If you're on the lookout for a consultant who not only dissects your challenges but also crafts customized, impactful solutions, Atena is your go-to maestro. In a whirlwind of a session, she doesn't just address concerns; she catapults you into a realm where your marketing strategies aren't just redefined—they're reinvented for unparalleled success. "

- Josh Gonzalez -

Justify Designs

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Atena as a mentor since 2021. Her expertise in email marketing, personal branding, and social media strategy is unparalleled.
She has provided me with invaluable insights and practical advice when we needed it for one of the brands we launched. Her ability to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner makes her an exceptional mentor.
I highly recommend Atena to anyone seeking to elevate their skills and refine their marketing strategies."

- Mohammad Motahar -

Tutor 10X

"Atena's impact on the Govhack organization has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her expertise has left a significant mark, particularly in the NSW region. Atena orchestrated an exceptionally successful hackathon, starting from scratch. She masterfully assembled teams, secured sponsorships, venues, and partnerships. Her meticulous coordination led to one of the most triumphant Govhack events in NSW and definitely the best in recent years. Atena's qualities of organization, reliability, and hard work consistently achieve what others might deem impossible. Her diverse skills encompass project management, team leadership, event coordination, business development, and marketing, resulting in exceptional effectiveness. She defies the word 'impossible,' and her capability to transform struggling businesses is impressive. Moreover, her exceptional proficiency in documentation and data organization is expected to contribute to Govhack's success for years to come. She well deserves the Deputy Operations Lead of the entire GovHack."

- Hossein Mohsenian -

S4G Consulting Pty Ltd

"Two words - Positive ROI. I can't recommend Atena enough. It transformed our business from the way we approach lead gen to retention activity. Atena and the team have been worth every cent. I encourage all Business owners to get in touch to see how Atena can dramatically improve your business."

- Jake Dimarco -

Venue Now

"Atena is not only amazingly knowledgable but also very helpful. I'll highly recommend her service to anyone."

- Ashley Lim -

Ashley Lim 

"Have worked with Atena on Multiple occasions. She has helped our SEO greatly and is pro-active with new ideas for SEO on our website. She understands what is required to keep google rankings high.

Atena is easy to contact at any time and fast to get things done. Highly recommended!!"

- Trent Williams -

Class Marker

"Atena recovered our Adwords account from a state of doom and transformed it into a flourishing account within a very short time frame. She is honest, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her enough, thank you for saving our account!"

- Sarah Wilkinson -

Skin Matrix

"Atena is a very effective written and oral communicator. She attends to requests in a thorough, prompt and courteous manner and displays a genuine concern for client needs. Her knowledge of the Magento CMS and related web technologies is extensive and she is a pleasure to work with. She has contributed to making our transition to the Magento CMS a smooth experience."

- David Ehmer -


"Have worked with various digital marketing companies and Atena has been the easiest and most reliable to deal with - Within 6 months we have seen some really strong results. Atena is proactive in making suggestions and setting strategies for SEO. She is extremely honest and knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with!"

- Claire Nicolas -

Tactile Braille Sign

Are You Ready To Stay Ahead of the Curve

& Expertly Incorporate A.I Into Your Business Dynamics? 

Fall Behind in the AI Revolution or Lead the Charge.

In the swiftly evolving realm of digital marketing, the growth of AI is not just rapid; it's exponential

The crucial question now is whether you'll fall behind in this AI revolution or take the reins and lead your industry.

Invest in Knowledge

With Confidence

At 'My AI Marketing Masterclass,' our confidence in the value of our content is matched only by our commitment to your satisfaction

Should you feel your time was not well-utilized, we invite you to email us, and we will offer compensation for it.

These questions

Might Be On Your Mind Too

Who is this masterclass for?
This Masterclass is designed for a diverse range of participants including business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and those aspiring to start their own businesses. It's perfect for anyone looking to leverage A.I in marketing and customer service, whether building a business from scratch or enhancing an existing one. No matter your level of expertise or stage in your business journey, this masterclass will provide valuable insights and practical skills.
What will I learn in the masterclass?
You'll learn to integrate A.I into various aspects of marketing, covering everything from lead generation to sales enhancement and social media strategy. The masterclass includes 10 essential A.I tactics for business growth, strategies to boost efficiency, and methods for scaling your business with minimal staff.

Do I need prior knowledge of A.I or technical skills to attend?
No prior knowledge of A.I or technical skills is required. This masterclass is crafted to make A.I in marketing easy to understand and apply, no matter your current level of expertise.
How long is the masterclass?
This comprehensive session is packed into just one morning for about 3 hours, providing all the essential knowledge and strategies in a concise timeframe.

Is there a cost to attend?
Registration for the masterclass is completely free. Sign up now to secure your spot.

Will the masterclass be recorded?
For the full experience, we encourage live attendance. Contact us for information on recordings or future sessions.

Who is leading the masterclass?
The masterclass is led by Atena Pegler, Australia’s marketing expert with over 13 years of experience in the field. Atena has worked with some of the largest brands in Australia and has dedicated over 500 hours to revolutionizing marketing through the power of A.I Her expertise and innovative approach make her a leading expert in integrating A.I into effective marketing strategies.

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